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Spirit of Peace

Young People

Fund training to teach young people life skills which enable them to manage conflict in relationships without resorting to violence.

Total received £2,433.39

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About this cause

Based in Kent, we have been working in the UK for over 10 years in the field of community cohesion, proactive and responsible citizen engagement and training. Our work includes: -Bringing together and fostering harmonious relationships between diverse multi-cultural groups and individuals - Addressing the roots of social tension and hate crime - Training young people and citizens to foster safer, stronger communities where all people can flourish - Developing sustained partnerships and community collaboration work for the common good Our work has often been described as life-transforming by participants who are offered skills, support, confidence and the forums to work together across beyond division for a society where all can flourish.

How this cause brings people in the community together

It will benefit the wider community by investing into the minds of our young people and giving them the social toolkits which will enable them to create, develop, sustain and manage communities harmoniously and to efficiently manage conflicts without resorting to violence. This can create the legacy of a future, peaceful society. We will deliver inspirational talks followed by workshops which impart the necessary life skills. This project will be aimed at 12-18 year olds in schools and youth groups. The project will involve staff from Spirit of Peace working together with internationally renowned conflict management specialist Dr Ben Israel who trained with the Centre for Peace and Nonviolence Studies at Rhode Island University and has delivered training workshops world-wide.