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WILD Thames


We want to reduce flooding in local parishes and enhance biodiversity in the Swill Brook and its associated habitats.

Total received £4,406.30

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About the Project

The project brings local communities in Minety and Ashton Keynes together through volunteering activities that help alleviate local flooding, protect and enhance wildlife, improve water quality and flow leading to the Cotswold Water Park. The Swill Brook banks need stabilising, channeling and the vegetation cutting back to stop erosion, which will increase biodiversity and enhance public enjoyment. We will organise 24 work parties made up of volunteers from the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and FWAG, the local community and pre-existing connections with adult support and learning groups in Cirencester, to carry out the delivery over winter 2017. Through learning, interacting and enjoying physical exercise the volunteers can build better communication and integration with local farmers.

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About the Charity

FWAG SouthWest seeks to support, enthuse & inspire fellow farmers to value the environmental assets on their land & use them to secure sustainable & profitable businesses for the future.We work with multiple partners such as the Wildlife Trusts, National Farmers Union, Countryside Community Research Institute, Cotswold Water Park Trust, Environment Agency, DEFRA, Natural England, Thames Water. We work with local parishes within the Upper Thames, through the WILD project ( improve water quality and flow across the parishes and farmland reducing the flooding impact; this embeds local knowledge, understanding and involvement from the community for a sustainable future whilst bringing the water bodies into Good Ecological Condition.