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VCS Cymru

Community Development

We need funding towards the costs of professional services, volunteers' expenses and project materials.

Total received £1,262.45

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About this cause

Established in 1964, VCS Cymru finds ways of helping disadvantaged communities in Cardiff through supported volunteering, community media, and heritage opportunities. We exist to enable the most disadvantaged to engage with their communities, facilitating the positive health and well-being of individuals and the places they call home, through supported volunteering, community media and heritage opportunities. VCS Cymru aims to: 1. To promote encourage and assist in the co-operation between voluntary groups, statutory authorities and individuals in service to the community. 2. To foster the ideals of voluntary community service by providing opportunities and guidance. 3. To encourage recruitment into voluntary community service.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Every step is important, right from the light-bulb moment, and we need your help to keep on supporting our communities and the people in them to be the best they possibly can be. We push the boundaries of the imagination to create innovative and thought-provoking projects focused on heritage, media and volunteering. Engaging with the most disadvantaged and beyond, we encourage, enable and inspire people, bringing out the best in them and their communities. Your support will enable us to develop new ideas with our volunteers to create projects that inspire communities across Cardiff. Any amount you give could go towards part of this process, whether it’s £5 for an initial coffee meeting or £5,000 for a heritage project celebrating local people, every step is a vital part of what we do.