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Pembroke Town Walls Trust

Education & Skills

We want to create display boards and educational resources for use by schools and visitors to illustrate the rich history of the town walls.

Total received £866.08

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About the Project

The Pembroke Town Wall Trust is working in partnership with Pembroke 21C and the Tabernacle to create a public garden that will celebrate the rich heritage of Pembroke. The Town Walls Trust are restoring the Medieval burgage walls and will be using it to showcase the sustainable restoration of the walls. The site will become a unique attraction for the people of Pembroke and the many tourists who visit this town. This project involves working with schools and training providers to develop new skills and get young people excited about the history and heritage of the place they live. The interactive displays and resources we produce will be interesting and accessible to young people and will help people to understand the significance and impact of the Town Walls to Pembroke over time.

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About the Charity

The Pembroke Town Wall Trust is a local, community organisation that is working to preserve the historic Town Walls of Pembroke. We aim to protect and conserve the archaeology, promote understanding and access, and realize the potential of the historic site to contribute to the social and economic benefit of our local community through local skills development, sustainable tourism development and sense of place. The trust is working with the people of Pembroke to: - Repair and consolidate the remains of the Pembroke Town Walls. - Raise awareness of the significance of the Town Walls locally, nationally and internationally - Use the walls to develop local skills, create new opportunities for education and to promote tourism, heritage and the local economy.